Brew your own coffee with your reusable K Cup and DéliBrü disposable paper filters that cost pennies per use and eliminate the sludge at the bottom of your cup. If you appreciate delicious, freshly brewed K cup coffee but hate the high costs of buying pre-filled cups, you’re going to love DéliBrü. Our disposable paper filters are environmentally friendly and offer significant savings for use with your Keurig coffee maker. Buy our filters in the 300-count pack for five cents each and enjoy your favorite ground coffee every morning.

Are Disposable Paper Filters a Waste of Money?

You may wonder why you’ll need paper filters after purchasing a reusable K Cup- you’ll find out the first time you make a cup of joe using your K Cup replacement. When you get to the bottom of your cup, you’ll notice sediment that resembles mud swirling around. If you’re unfortunate enough to drink the last swallow without noticing the sludge, you won’t make the same mistake twice. Cheap, disposable paper filters ensure the perfect K Cup of coffee every time, so you won’t have to pour the last sips down the drain.

What’s Wrong With My Reusable K Cup?

What reusable Keurig cups don’t tell you is that they don’t filter fine ground coffee, so there will always be some grounds that make it through the cup into your coffee. If you’re like a lot of coffee drinkers who go with reusable K Cups, you may think it’s a fair compromise to save money and deal with bottom-of-the-cup sediment- but we don’t think that’s a reasonable compromise at DéliBrü. We’ve created eco-friendly disposable paper filters to fit your K Cup, so you can keep saving money by using your own brand of coffee without the gritty sediment that ends up in your cup.

Easy Clean-up

What’s worse than sludge at the bottom of your coffee cup? We think it’s coffee filters that are hard to clean and require a hand-sprayer to get all of the grounds out of the K Cup, spraying grounds over other dishes in the sink. DéliBrü carries paper filters that take just a second to drop into your favorite reusable K Cup filter, fill with your ground coffee, brew, and drop into the garbage after brewing is complete. There’s no mess to clean up and no grounds left in your sink. You’re going to love enjoying coffee-shop-quality coffee in your own home, and the best part is that instead of paying several dollars for a cup of premium joe, it’s going to cost less than a quarter to brew your own coffee- even expensive brands.

The Perfect Fit

Our disposable paper filters are designed to fit your Keurig filter or any reusable K Cup you own. If you don’t own a reusable K Cup, you’ll find them for sale in our inventory, along with our specialty filters. See our 2,000+ 5-star reviews and buy with confidence from DéliBrü.

Disposable Paper Filters