Our chain of restaurants in Washington and Idaho is all about providing scrumptious and satisfying teriyaki meals with taste and value that keeps customers coming back for more. With a menu anchored by our top quality teriyaki dishes, we take great pride in our long running reputation as a 2nd-generation family business with the highest standards of food production, ingredients, and service.

Happy Teriyaki is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of new emerging trends in American dining. As more people look for healthy, fast, and reasonably priced alternatives to traditional fast food chains, casual cuisine establishments are seeing strong growth in markets across the country. Happy Teriyaki serves large portions of lean meats and vegetables, which quickly makes it a favorite among people who don’t want to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. Additionally, Teriyaki is a significantly underrepresented style of cuisine in many cities. The novelty of new flavors and the family-friendly branding of Happy Teriyaki are a strong combination to draw in customers looking to branch out, and the quality of food production and ingredients will keep them coming back.

Our management training is a time-tested ten-week process that has produced many fantastic managers – even those with little to no experience in the restaurant industry. New managers will train at the headquarter location in Meridian, Idaho, and will quickly learn why Happy Teriyaki sells itself.

Happy Teriyaki also has unique advantages when it comes to location. Given the simplicity of the menu and food production processes, new locations can be situated practically anywhere. From small strip malls with minimal frontage to locations with large numbers of seats, quality and ease of production are consistent. Airports, hotels, outlet malls, hospitals, and food courts are just some of the locations that can be utilized to maximize exposure and sales volume with manageable leasing costs.


If you live in the Treasure Valley, you may have noticed a growing number of Happy Teriyaki restaurants in the last few years. The franchise, originating in Washington State, opened up its first location here in 2013. They have found success in the Boise, Meridian, Eagle and two Nampa locations. This is not surprising considering their success in the hundreds of locations in Washington. The Japanese teriyaki style menu with house made sauces has quickly become a favorite stop for many residents of the Treasure Valley. The menu boasts a great variety of teriyaki dishes giving the customer the options of pork, beef, tempura, katsu, shrimp, grilled prawns or their signature chicken teriyaki. Most dishes can be made spicy on request. Sides of delicious egg rolls or gyoza are also available. If noodles are your thing, you have the option of Japanese style udon or yakisoba sautéed fresh with the meat of your choice.

Residents of the valley will now have the opportunity to do more than dine at Happy Teriyaki. A select few will be able to own and operate their own location. Who better to operate the locations than locals who understand the pulse of the area they live in. The owners of the franchise, Tae and Jong Mi Cho understand this and aim to use that philosophy in the opening of their new locations. The new location coming soon off Ten Mile near the freeway will be owned by long time residents of the valley. Locations in Emmett, Kuna, Downtown Boise and Mountain Home will open in the coming years once the owners have found the right people to run them.

The opportunity is especially exciting for locals who have always wanted to open their own franchise but just don’t have the kind of cash it takes to do it. The Cho family has created a system where an individual or family can do a three to six month trial working hand-in-hand with them running the restaurant and learning the ropes. Running all day to day operations as store manager for the next 6 months of the trial will put you in position to own and operate your own business. Partial owner carry options on the down payment and much lower royalty fees than other franchises can offer will be available to successful trial participants. Even more exciting is the ability to pay off the loan in just a few years and still have made a substantial profit during that time.

The Cho family is looking for specific types of people for this opportunity. You may have never had the chance to own your own business but you may be exactly the type of person who can do it! If it is just in your DNA that you are a hard worker you can do this. If you can’t help but be honest and understand that rules and structure or the key to any successful business, you can do this. Hard work and honesty can truly pay off if the right opportunity comes. This may be that opportunity for you and your family.

Tae Cho moved here from South Korea 26 years ago with that mind-set and a list of recipes handed down from his grandparents to his parents. His first job was as a dishwasher in a small restaurant. Seven years later he opened his first Happy Teriyaki in Lakewood Tacoma, Washington. That store is still operating today. It is a true immigrant success story. The Cho’s want to give that chance to a select few here in the Treasure Valley that know they have what it takes to complete the trial and achieve the American dream.

If interested please fill out the form below and let us know in the comment section.


Exciting Franchise Opportunity in Kuna!!

Own/Operate Your Own Happy Teriyaki


The franchise owners are opening their doors to hardworking, honest individuals or families that want to achieve the American dream like they have.


Complete the TRIAL PERIOD working hand-in-hand with them learning the Teriyaki Way to guaranteed profit!


1st 6 months – Learn the ropes with the franchise owners

2nd 6 months – Operate day-to-day as Store Manager with continued support from the owners when needed.

3rd – Buy the location – Partial Owner Carry Options

**You can easily pay off the restaurant within a few years and begin turning a great profit. Monthly Royalty fees are much lower than other franchises can offer.


Happy Teriyaki seeks Assistant Franchise Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in Idaho to remotely perform assigned task in Utah especially, Salt Lake City area. 

Job Duties: Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in Idaho to remotely perform assigned task in Utah especially, Salt Lake City area. Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in developing potential sites for future openings of franchise; Hold meetings with potential franchisees in Utah; Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in facilitating inventory deliveries to current franchises located in Utah; Delivering shipments of inventories from to franchise locations if needed; Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in creating marketing plans for Utah locations; Assist marketing director of Happy Teriyaki in performing
necessary franchisor duties in Utah.

Frequent travel between two Happy Teriyaki franchise locations in Salt Lake City: 5474 W Daybreak Pkwy, South Jordan, UT 84009 and 1882 W Pleasant Grove Blvd., Pleasant Grove, UT 84045

*Serious inquiries ONLY contact us at happyteriyaki777@gmail.com

If interested please fill out the form below and let us know in the comment section.


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