Orlando Medical Cannabis Dispensary

As the use of medical cannabis products grows in popularity, VidaCann has established itself as the best Orlando medical cannabis dispensary. This weed dispensary and recreational cannabis store have a long line of marijuana strains, products, and prices to browse.

Users can pop in at the physical Semoran medical marijuana store location VidaCann offers, or they have the option to order all products online. The price of the products available in stores and online are similar, as is the product selection. VidaCann currently offers a rewards program to loyal customers in Orlando and Semoran. From accessories to flower, you can find a little bit of everything when shopping at our superior dispensary.

The strain selection varies from location to location, but users can expect exclusive cannabis strains that aren’t available anywhere else. The medical marijuana in Semoran is of the highest grade and caliber, but you will find premium prices at VidaCann.

Highly Recommended Cannabis Strains at VidaCann

When it comes to medical cannabis dispensaries in Semoran, VidaCann is the prime option because of the selections of marijuana strains. For example, VidaCann has products made with unique cannabis strains, such as King Dosi.

The cannabis experts created King Dosi at VidaCann by combining Do-Si-Do and King Louis XIII into the ultimate hybrid. This strain is only found at VidaCann, but it comes in many different product forms. Kind Dosi is ideal for relieving chronic pain and insomnia, but it also suitable for reducing high levels of stress and anxiety.

Ghost Toast is another hybrid strain VidaCann offers that deserves to be explored. Ghost Toast is an indica dominant hybrid that has a piney flavor with a hint of lemon zest. While this strain is rare, it is powerful and intense. The uplifting and energizing effects are perfect for creative minds. Girl Scout Cookies is another hybrid strain that provides euphoria from the head to the toes. Girl Scout Cookies has a surprisingly spicy aroma that is hard to miss. This strain is excellent for treating depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Popular Cannabis Strains to Consider

Users who like sativa strains of cannabis should check out the Strawberry Cough strain offered at VidaCann. The sweet and savory aroma wafts through the air to tantalize your senses. Strawberry Cough produces uplifting effects that help with pain, depression, and fatigue. People experiencing a lack of appetite should consider Strawberry Cough as an option. Kush Cake is a hybrid that is indica dominant, yet it has uplifting effects. Kush Cake was known as LA Kush Cake in the past, but the strain has a whole new look. Medically, Kush Cake helps with inflammation, nausea, and pain.

Exploring New Products and Strains

VidaCann is ready to help you explore new cannabis strains and products without blowing a hole in your wallet. Click here to check out the products currently available at the Orlando-Semoran locations or the online store. The menu is frequently updated with new strains and products from top name brands. Let’s get started on your cannabis adventure.

Orlando Medical Cannabis Dispensary


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