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Through the years, VidaCann has proven itself to be the best West Palm Beach cannabis shop. Clients not only can purchase items directly from this cannabis dispensary in W. Palm Beach, but they can also place cannabis orders online. All types of cannabis products are found both online and in the physical store.

This unique marijuana dispensary in West Palm Beach has a massive menu of items that include the following:

  • Pre-rolls – The pre-rolls at VidaCann come in indica strains, hybrids, and sativa strains. Most pre-roll weighs one gram, but the weight and price can vary from strain to strain. For example, the one gram King Dosi pre-roll is much more expensive than the half gram Pakistani Chitral Kush pre-roll.
  • Flower – Flower can be purchased in three and a half gram containers. Hybrid and sativa options are currently available. The price of each strain differs.
  • Tinctures – The use of tinctures has grown wildly in popularity, especially in West Palm Beach.

Weed for Sale in West Palm Beach Medical Dispensary

Many of the products you can find in stores are also available to purchase online. Customers may have access to exclusive deals online that they cannot find in stores. What makes us the best dispensary in West Palm Beach is the fact that we cater directly to the needs of our clients. The following is a list of other popular items you will find at our West Palm Beach dispensary:

  • Vapes and Cartridges – Cartridges with distillate THC oil come in hybrid and indica varieties. The THC and CBD percentages of each cartridge brand are different. There are multiple size options, as well.
  • Concentrates – There are many forms of concentrates available at VidaCann that are affordable, such as the one gram jar of hybrid Duct Tape.
  • Accessories – Dab tools and portable vaporizers are a couple of accessories available at this top of the line dispensary. The vaporizers are available for less than twenty dollars, while the dab tools are just a few bucks.

Capsules, Sublingual Products, and Topical Products

At VidaCann, you can also find cannabis capsules in hybrid and ratio varieties. Each capsule contains a predetermined dosage of THC in milligrams. There are approximately thirty capsules in each bottle, but the dosage amount determines the final price. A one hundred fifty milligram package of pills is much more affordable than a thirty pack of three hundred milligram capsules.

Topical creams from various cannabis strains typically are sold in two-ounce jars. Customers can save money by coming straight to the physical location, but the online ordering capabilities are a keen option to have available.

Placing an Order

Placing an order online is fast and straightforward. Customers who have questions about our products or need help getting started should click here for our online contact form. We can help guide you through our menu of cannabis products, no matter what you have in mind. By offering fair rates, our dispensary shines as brightly as the Florida sun on a summer day. Come check out what we have to provide you with at VidaCann!


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West Palm Beach Cannabis Shop

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